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CNC Machining of a Brass Valve for the Automotive Industry


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The ability to cool automobile engines is critical to their efficient and long-term operation. When an automotive industry customer of Deerfield Machine required a brass valve for a water pump, they knew they could rely on their trusted supplier. The technicians at Deerfield showed their CNC machining skills by turning and milling raw 360 brass on a CNC machining center and turret lathe to tight tolerances of ±0.001". Following CNC turning and milling, raised edges and other small pieces of debris were removed by deburring. Overall dimensions of these brass valves were 2.5" x .680 outside diameter, all confirmed using dimensional inspections and visual inspections throughout the machining processes. Deerfield Machine was supplied with 2D CAD drawings and tight customer specifications to guide their machining, and they delivered water pump brass valves meeting all requirements. Deerfield shipped 500 of the brass valves to their customer in Texas with a turnaround time of only four weeks. Although Deerfield typically fulfills most of their customer’s needs in-house, they also work with other manufacturers to provide one-stop service.

Deerfield Machine was once again able to demonstrate their versatile machining skills by turning and milling of a single part. Contact them today to learn more about their precision CNC expertise.

CNC Machining of a Brass Valve Project Highlights

  • Product Description
  • CNC Machining of a Brass Valve for a Water Pump
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Primary:
    CNC Turning
    CNC Machining
  • Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • CNC Machining Center
    Turret Lathe
  • Overall Part Dimensions<
  • 2.5" X .680 OD
  • Tightest Tolerances
  • ± 0.001"
  • Material Used
  • 360 Brass
  • Material Finish
  • Raw/Machined
  • In process testing/inspection performed
  • Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
  • Industry for Use
  • Automotive
  • Volume
  • 500 pcs
  • Delivery/Turnaround Time
  • 4 Weeks
  • Delivery Location
  • Texas
  • Standards Met
  • Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
  • Product Name
  • Valve
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